Graphic Design Services For Churches


Graphic Design Services

Count on ChurchINK to help you tell your story with professional design services.

From small format design like business cards and stationery, to large format design like banners, flag printing, and posters, we can design all of your church’s collateral.

Our design team will listen to you, and design press-ready collateral for all your printed materials – and we can professionally print your collateral for you.


Card Design


Sign Design


Event Collateral Design


Message Series Design


Flyers and Postcards Design & Printing


Stationery Design & Printing


Logo Design Services

Let ChurchINK help you with Logo Design Services.

Our design team will listen to you, and help you craft a new image for your church with a new logo that is uniquely yours.

Logo Design Process

Logo Process:
Consultation:  Interview with key questions about the brand
Discovery:  Gather info about the Brand’s history & context
Conceptualization: Develop options that reflect
Feedback: Present options and receive feedback
Finalization: Choose an approved logo & tweak variations
Presentation: Provide usable logo in with various orientation and formats
Implementation:  Help client deploy new logo across channels

Logo Design Pricing

Bronze Logo Package:
60 Minute Logo Consultation & Research
2 Feedback Revisions
1 Designer
4 week delivery
Silver Logo Package:
90 Minute Brand Consultation & Research
3 Feedback Revisions
2 Designers
Unique Branding Guidelines Document
6 week delivery

We love ChurchInk’s quality, turnaround, and support!

Anna Gibson
Osborne Baptist Church