In every language, we have a word that resonates with every human experience.  The word is CREATE.  Somewhere deep within the soul or every human being is a desire to make something…to create.

Unfortunately, we have relegated this word to a unique group of people in society – and all too often assume that artistic expression is reserved for “those” people. We often refer to them as ‘creatives’ – but in doing so, we miss the point.

To CREATE is to be fully human, to express the part of our soul that most closely resembles the action of God. “Imago Dei” (the image of God) is what defines our humanness. When we ‘make’ or ‘create’ something we live missionally; doing what we were given the task to do…CREATE.

In every culture throughout history we find evidence of this insatiable desire.  There are those who dream, and then there are those who ACT. Those who act on the impulse of missional desire to create are those who allow their hands to simply imitate their soul.

We express missional creativity when we…

craft words and sentences to inspire others
print color to paper and other substrates
arrange pixels on a screen to form inspiring shapes
merge technologies to birth new applications
experiment with typography to forge new fonts
apply layer effects in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign
mix materials or textures to give depth to a stage
place steps in a specific order to define new processes
solve problems in unique ways
tune instruments to soothing sounds
blend shades of light to highlight people or objects
switch camera lenses to capture symmetry and beauty

…and the list goes on infinitely…

At we do not believe our work is merely commerce.  We believe our work provides opportunities for people to live missionally, expressing their souls to inspire others.

Go create.