(Originally posted and shared on Facebook 11/2015)

Ummm…I very rarely publicly chime in on stuff like this, but I just have to ask…

Did the 2012 Starbucks cup with a snowman and ice skates help you worship Jesus more, or help someone move closer to becoming a Christian? Doubt it. How about the 2013 cup with snowflakes? 2011 with scarf wrapped squirrel? 2009 reindeer? Unlikely.

Truth: I’m way less concerned about corporate marketing departments omitting the word “Christmas” in their messaging, than I am concerned about immature Christians acting as if the inclusion of “Christmas” in secular marketing is an essential component of celebrating their Savior, or helping people accept Christianity.

Boycotting Starbucks for the omission is like Mary and Joseph boycotting hotels because they were offended that the innkeeper didn’t roll out the red carpet for the King of the Universe. They got over it, maybe we should too?

Before you grab your red cup from the barista, and feel the silly urge to further alienate them from ever becoming a Christian by shaming them into mumbling “Merry Christmas” …

LOOK TO YOUR RIGHT. BIG BASKET. Probably full of several CLEARLY MARKED bags of “Christmas Blend” coffee. Yep, Starbucks still uses the word “Christmas”. The sun will rise tomorrow. It’s all going to be ok, people.

However, what if they decide to omit “Christmas” from the “Christmas Blend too? What if there was NO mention of Christmas in Starbucks, or anywhere in ANY store in the nation, or the world, for that matter?

How does that affect your faith, or anyone’s faith in Christ? Some of the most mature Christians in the world function in an environment where Christ can never be mentioned publicly.

So, let’s not trivialize our faith by making people think that our belief system rises or falls on paper cups. Such trivialization may say more about the weakness of Christians than it does about the follies of our culture.

My belief in the miraculous virgin birth of Christ is completely independent of any marketing decision made by a CEO, a marketing department, a graphic designer, a cup-maker or the local coffee shop manager.

How about yours?

See you at Starbucks (Maybe). Hopefully you’ll be the one showing kindness to the Barista, not the one shaming him/her for doing their job. 🙂

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