We all know the power of connection. When people walk through our Church doors for the first time, step into their first small group, see one of our ads, it matters what happens next. It matters that who we are is clear. It matters that they feel welcome. It matters that we care enough to connect outside of the weekend.

It matters because they matter.

Our mission is to help leaders inspire followers through effective communications, so I’ve put together 7 ways to ensure better connection with your team, your visitors, and your community.


If a connect card isn’t designed well, you may not get the information you want or worse, your guest may not even pick it up. Make the ask clear, and the why even clearer. This is one of your best opportunities to connect with visitors, and re-engage them after the weekend.

Tips for a well designed connect card:

  • Don’t ask for too much info. The more complex it is, the less likely people are to fill it out.
  • Make the write-in spaces appropriately sized, so it’s easy to complete and easy to read.
  • Give plenty of white space. This tells the eye where to go and makes it easier to use.
  • Provide a few checkbox options to find out what they might be interested in.


Walking into a church for the first time can be overwhelming. For your guests, make sure who is there to help is ultra clear with custom shirts that either have your church logo, or the role they serve in front and center.

For your volunteers, make sure the shirts you provide are high quality shirts that your volunteers will actually enjoy wearing. Our favorite is the Next Level shirt, which we can screenprint for you.


Indoor magnets give people a quick reminder of your church or organization name, meeting times, or contact information.  They are also a great takeaway for visitors because they provide quick information, locations, and contacts.

Tips for a well designed magnet:

  • Limit the info…A LOT.
  • Make it inspiring (this could be as simple as it being aesthetically pleasing).
  • Provide a website URL for people to get more info.
  • Magnets shouldn’t be a brochure. The goal isn’t info, the goal is remaining top of mind.


Tension fabric displays are a great alternative to standard and boring back wall displays. This display is small enough to be assembled in under 5 minutes, and yet it still makes a huge impact. These displays not only communicate purpose, but can be used for wayfinding to make your church members experience easy, clear, and efficient.


The number one reason people come to church for the first time is because of a personal invite. Equip your church to be the church with a conversation starter right in their own front yard.

Tips for effective yard signs:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Print your design on a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Stand 20 feet away. Can you read it in 5 seconds? If not, limit the words, make them larger, and try again.
  • Provide a URL at the bottom for more info.


Invite cards are a tangible, cost effective, and practical way for your church to invite their friends, family, and neighbors. Have them available at your info or welcome center for people to take by the dozen, attach them to your programs before a big weekend, or pull them out for special events for a big impact.


Show hospitality to new guests by sending an unforgettable swag box, filled with items that people will actually use, and that will extend your church brand in your community.

If you need ideas for what this could look like, we’ve hand selected more than 100 products that go perfectly with our boxes, and that will help engage and inspire people.