Early on as a pastor, I realized our ability to grow a church was directly tied to the number of volunteers who were inspired, engaged and appreciated.

Our leaders and volunteers are giving one of their greatest resources to invest and build into our church, their time and their talent. When we acknowledge the difference that they make in our church, we are building back into what they are regularly giving to us.

Appreciation doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I want to make it as UNcomplicated as possible. There are several ways you can communicate your gratitude for people.


1. Appealing Apparel Communicates Value

When we take the time and resources to select a gift for a person or a team, it really communicates that we value them. Something as universal as a shirt or a tote bag can be just the thing that says, “I thought of you”.


2. Handwritten Cards Provide a Personalized Appreciation Opportunity

Keep a supply of cards available to write thoughtful and personalized notes for your staff and your teams. In a day and age of quick, digital messages, handwritten cards are meaningful and create a high impact with it comes to appreciation.


3. Unique Gifts Convey Recognition

Giving your staff or team something that is personalized or seasonally appropriate creates a unique gift opportunity. While everyone love shirts, receiving a travel blanket, golf umbrella, or baseball cap creates the “wow” factor that we are all going for. Christmas is a great time to provide a unique gift.

Let’s value their time by making sure they feel known and appreciated.¬†Go thank your volunteer (and staff) teams today…they need the encouragement!

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If you need more ideas for how to thank your staff or your teams, we’re here to help. Shoot us an email, or find us on Facebook or Instagram. My team and I would love to connect with you!